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The Framing 2020 podcast is a deep dive into the concerns held by many independent thinkers.  It highlights those constitutional imperatives that support the formation of a “more perfect union.” It contrasts the qualities of statesmanship that advance the highest and best interests of “We the people” with the sophistries of self-serving politicians that represent only “we the few.” It avoids the distractions associated with excessively prominent, hyper-partisan personalities and their competing narratives concerning PromulGate. As such, it deconstructs political talking points so that voters can help to frame the town halls and the debates leading up to the 2020 Presidential elections.

Upon the release of each podcast, Transcript Subscribers will receive an email link for a downloadable PDF file (Check your email for the download link). Transcript Subscribers will also receive a discount coupon for a perfect bound copy of the transcript book that will be published at the conclusion of the podcast series.



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