But the art which holds sway over them all and watches over the laws and all things in the state, weaving them all most perfectly together, we may, I think, by giving to its function a designation which indicates its power over the community, with full propriety call “statecraft.”

– STATESMAN (Plato 360 BC)

[00:04:07] A Quick Review
[00:16:33] The Sentinel Card
[00:18:09] Manslaughter
[00:21:38] Whited Sepulchers
[00:25:28] There is a War on the Poor
[00:27:29] True Competition
[00:30:06] The Great Swindle Continues
[00:32:06] Efficiency versus Skimming
[00:33:18] Masquerading in Conservative Garb
[00:40:00] What Counts as a Subsidy, as Entitlement?
[00:40:10] Energy
[00:48:35] Food
[00:51:00] Food & Drug Nexus
[00:52:05] The Dynamics of International Relations
[00:54:58] Manufacturing from Z to A
[00:57:00] Retail
[01:00:07] True Free Enterprise
[01:02:20] Financial Services
[01:03:06] Big Pharma
[01:07:57] Offloading Losses & Expenses
[01:08:12] The Gig Economy
[01:16:48] Again, Taxpayers Pick Up the Slack
[01:18:59] The Most Parasitic Business Model
[01:22:56] The Third Rail of Politics
[01:27:29] The Power of Incumbency
[01:30:41] Bring them in, train them, return them as emissaries of social uplift

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