Stranger: Then if we bisected intellectual science as a whole and called one part the commanding and the other the judging part, might we say we had made fitting division?
– STATESMAN (Plato 360 BC)

Strength in Numbers [01:50]
Selective Depopulation [05:06] (A brief history of eugenics)
Herd Immunity [08:39]
Deciding Who Will Live and Who Will Die [10:57]
Rebuilding the Economy [13:07]
Enslaving the Masses [15:55] (How the oligarchy surreptitiously creates conditions of peonage)
Salute the Citizens You are Sworn to Serve [20:55]
Weakness in Numbers [24:06]
Foreign Potentates [27:59]
The Virtuous Cycle [32:14]
The Enemy of Democracy’s Enemy is My Friend [36:49]
OODA Loops and the IFF [36:49] (A cultural adaptation of the Identification Friend/Foe system)
A Useful Analogy [38:38]
Heads Up! – Situational Awareness [41:12]
We the People [41:52]
Form a More Perfect Union [46:41]
Establish Justice [48:08]
Insure Domestic Tranquility [50:03]
Provide for the Common Defense [55:14]
Promote the General Welfare [58:27]
Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity [01:01:26]

2 comments on “A Failure to Learn

  1. Jim Downs says:

    Mr. Kalk,
    You are a genius. Thank you for your ideas and ideals.

  2. Thank you for enlarging my and our perspective. A fresh paradigm, open for exploration and expansion.

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