Stranger: Can we wonder, then, that our soul, whose nature involves it in the same uncertainty about the letters or elements of all things, is sometimes in some cases firmly grounded in the truth about every detail, and again in other cases is all at sea about everything, and somehow or other has correct opinions about some combinations, and then again is ignorant of the same things when they are transferred to the long and difficult syllables of life? – STATESMAN (Plato 360 BC)

This is the third episode in the eight part series Framing 2020. This episode includes:

Deceptive Practices [00:20]

Dumb it Down – Smack em’ Down! [01:25]

Freedom of the Press [02:26]

Common Sense [03:59]

Squelching Diversity of Opinion [05:38]

Feigning Jurisprudence [08:07]

Dark Money [09:06]

Deceptive Practices Revisited [11:00]

Actual Citizens versus Corporate Citizens [12:38]

A Whirlpool of Information versus a Cesspool of Disinformation [17:16]

Cheating [19:10]

The Death Contract [22:04]

The Money Lender [24:59]

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom [28:15]

The Erosion of Standards [29:01]

The Gold Standard of the Golden Rule [32:02]

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